Humanitarian Award

Established in 1980 the Humanitarian Award was created to provide charitable organizations with a distribution network to communicate their message.  The British Columbia Association of Broadcasters recognizes the need to relay information that has a positive impact on all British Columbians and as such, offers significant television and radio airtime free of charge to one or two organizations every year.   Millions of people see and hear these messages and the BCAB welcomes the opportunity to provide such a worthwhile service.

Virtually every private TV and radio station runs a full 52 week advertising schedule. Collectively, BC broadcasters donate millions of dollars in advertising, ensuring the recipient of the Humanitarian Award receives significant exposure throughout the province.

The Humanitarian Award does not include creative and production costs.  Applicants need not supply completed creative at the time of entry, however a creative outline may be helpful in assisting the judges with their decision.  The BCAB is grateful for the generous support of many of BC’s leading advertising agencies, which have assisted recipients in previous years. Here is a full list of the criteria.

List of past recipients of the Humanitarian Award.