Becoming a Member

Private Broadcaster Members:

BCAB membership is comprised of private radio and televisions stations holding a license in British Columbia. BCAB members help the association be a strong advocate for Television and Radio stations. Member stations have access to many benefits including:

  • The ability to run BCAB Humanitarian award creative for each broadcast year.
  • The ability to attend the annual BCAB Conference at a reduced rate.
  • The ability to apply for and possibly win BCAB Excellence awards each spring.
  • BCAB member stations can allow employees to be nominated to the board of the BCAB to help direct the association moving forward.
  • The BCAB becomes your lobby group on a provincial level. The BCAB Board keeps in close contact with the provincial government reminding them of the important role broadcasters play in the daily lives of British Columbians.
  • The BCAB keeps close contact with the CRTC regional commissioner for British Columbia and the Yukon. The BCAB board reminds the CRTC of the issues that broadcasters in British Columbia face on a daily basis.
  • Members have access to legal advice (as it pertains to broadcasting matters) via BCAB legal counsel.
  • Inclusion in periodical communication from the BCAB to the membership.

Membership Fees:

Licenses Held
(within BC):
Annual Cost: Quarterly Cost:
1 $700.00 $175.00
2 $1,400.00 $350.00
3 $2,100.00 $525.00
4 $2,800.00 $700.00
5 $3,125.00 $781.25
6 $3,750.00 $937.50
7 $4,375.00 $1,093.75
8 $5,000.00 $1,250.00
9-14 $5,500.00 $1,375.00
15-19 $7,125.00 $1,781.50
20-24 $8,500.00 $2,125.00
25-29 $9,375.00 $2,343.75
30-39 $9,750.00 $2,437.50
40+ $10,000.00 $2,500.00

Applicable taxes extra. Combined stations include AM or FM Radio and Television stations. Re-broadcasters/translators are not counted as a license for the purpose of fee calculations.

Is your broadcast company interested in becoming a member? Click here to contact the BCAB President for more information.

Associate Members:

Associate members are broadcast related members that either support the broadcast industry in British Columbia, or are community or public broadcasters holding licenses in British Columbia. The BCAB also accepts associate member status from private broadcasters holding licenses outside of British Columbia.

The annual fee for associate members is $125.00 plus applicable taxes.

Is your organization interested in becoming an associate member? Click here to contact the BCAB President for more information.