BC’s Broadcasters to support Science World in 2014

Campaign to spread the word about hundreds of free lessons designed to excite BC’s youth about science.

The president of the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters (BCAB) today announced the 2014 Humanitarian Award will be presented to Science World British Columbia. James Stuart says among all the great applications this year, Science World’s stood out.

“We believe their argument is compelling – that society is increasing its dependence on science and technology, but there is a looming employment gap in those sectors,” says Stuart. “If we want to ensure a healthy and prosperous future for our province, we all need to recognize and invest in turning children on to science at a young age and BCAB members are excited to do their part by getting that message out this year.”

Bryan Tisdall, president and CEO of Science World British Columbia says he is extremely grateful and excited for the broadcaster’s support and adds the donated air time will help spread the word about the hundreds of free science lessons and activities available on the Science World website.

“With the support of BCAB, the scope of our exciting, fun, and whimsical campaign is going to increase exponentially and assist us in reaching large numbers of educators, parents and students around the province to support their classroom and at-home learning,” says Tisdall. “Our goal is to get youth excited about science while they are still young, nurture their curiosity, and inspire them to pursue careers in science and technology.”

Beginning in July virtually every private TV and radio station will run a full 52 week advertising schedule for Science World valued at over one million dollars, ensuring significant exposure throughout the province.

In their campaign, Science World will be asking schools, teachers, parents, and the community for their help in raising awareness about their free online science resource library designed to support and inspire educators to deliver science classes that “really sizzle”.

“As a registered charity, we rely on the generosity of donors to help us carry out our mission,” says Tisdall who includes finding creative ways to expand on a limited advertising and promotions budget. “The Humanitarian Award and the support of the broadcasters offer us an invaluable opportunity to share our passion and excitement for science through the extensive reach of radio and television.”

“It’s important for us as broadcasters to support organizations like Science World,” says Stuart. “The Humanitarian Award is a way for us to help organizations get their message out and by doing so, everyone wins. We are all helping to make the province a little stronger.”

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