Message from 2013 president

James Stuart looks forward to working with BCAB members from all over the province.


As we all welcome what we hope is a glorious summer, I wanted to take a few moments to say “Thank You” for your BCAB membership and participation in our association.

As the incoming President of the association, I take the role and responsibility of helping to lead the BCAB with great respect and optimism.  Ours is an industry that is constantly evolving through competition, regulation, and the passion to serve our local audience.

We cover this province from top to bottom, east to west, mainland to island.  From big city to small town, multi-station markets to single stick communities.  From PPM rated, to diary releases, to non-measured markets.  The BCAB encompasses all of those variables and it is with great pride that the volunteers on our board serve in the best interests of all our members.

Ken Killcullen wrapped up his two year term as President at the very successful conference in Penticton this past May.  Ken has led the association with tremendous insight and success, and I know all members join together to say “Thank you Ken!” for the efforts and commitment.  Ken will be a hard act to follow, but I’ll do my best.

The board will be gathering in August to begin plans for next year.  We will be looking for your feedback on what you believe we should be focused on, and more specifically, how we can continue to build and improve the BCAB to be an association that is working on your behalf.

Enjoy the summer!